~my goal in life is to make people smile~

I like photography. I'm a pianist and a horrible guitarist. I love clouds.
ASUc/o2017 ~

Arsenal: Nikon D90, Nikon N2020 (F-501), Canonet 28, NIFTY FIFTIES & ONEpointEIGHTS.


old macdonald had a farm *bastille voice* eh oh eh oh eh eh oh eh oh

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(via 500px / crazy lights by Adriano Saccio)

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cross process expired 100 asa 35mm color slide film.

shot with a canon ae-1 program and a vivitar 28mm lens. 


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RIVR by j-h-a-photography

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A Quick Chat With Proud Pinhole Shooter, Deanna Witman

World Pinhole Photography Day is just around the corner. Need a quick inspiration for your pinhole stills? Take a hint from Deanna Witman as she shares with us a thing or two about her pinhole photography.


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The Ocean: Photography by Mahin Fayaz

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Marcin Sudak
noir, 2010

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But like why do you hate Taylor Swift? Among artists who sing about date rape and beating gay people and objectifying women, what is it about her that made you decide that she is the scum of the earth? Do you have a problem with jam? Are you offended by her high waisted shorts?

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the black sisters | wartime

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how often do you masturbate

from Anonymous


why would i need to touch myself when i’m touched by the lord every day amen

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The Red Queen ~ Asima Sefic by Maja Topcagic

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why does this make me laugh every single time

i am weak

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"EQUUS" (2014)
     - a crease pattern generated from my Origami Aggie model

Art Blog

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